PSP Types Poems-On-Demand for Long Beach Opera’s Production of Hydrogen Jukebox 06.2015

Earlier this month, PSP had the absolute honor of being commissioned by Long Beach Opera to assist with the promotion of their groundbreaking production, Hydrogen Jukebox, an opera featuring the poetry of Allen Ginsberg and the music of Phillip Glass. Here are some pictures of us writing Poems-On-Demand for opera patrons during the pre-show, taken by the ever talented and generous Jacob Seldes. We were floored to take part in this project and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead. See you out there!

The Boombox Social: 1.25.2014

What an incredible night! Atomic Tangerine Press teamed up with the spectacular hip hop collective TheyGotTime for a kickass poetry/hip hop playdate. 1 Night: 2 Events. Inside, we had “sandwich” sets of poets and acoustic music acts throughout the night and simultaneously, we had a cypher/open mic space goin on the upstairs balcony. We had rappers and musicians spitting poems, poets in cyphers, the universe didn’t know what to do with itself. Each space was well loved and attended and we can’t wait to do it again!

All of these beautiful photos are courtesy of the generous and thoughtful photographer Jacob Seldes.


Nostalgia Train:

promo video from our very first PSP on 9/23/12:

(video courtesy of the talented and fierce Kat Sayarath)

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