Meet our friends. We think they’re exquisite. You will, too.

Most of these fine folks are past/current PSP features &/or their affiliated projects + a smattering of causes/collectives we are big fans of and think you should check out.

Kelly Grace Thomas (slam poet, educator, truth-dropper, blogger, and challenge-queen)

Poets 4 Progress ( solution-oriented outreach through art. Poetry as activism. Performance poetry, classroom curriculum, & workshops to create mentorship between youth & adult poets to go forth and serve the community)

Austin Antoine (musician/rapper extraordinaire. Guinness World Record Holder. Go see one of his shows. Serious!)

TheyGotTime (triple, no, quadruple, no, quintuple-más- threat Hip Hop Collective presenting their work through music, comedy, acting & dance)

Peter Holby (poet, essayist, batman-folklore producer, podcast personality, not about the whale)

Jessica Ceballos (poet, acoustic photographer, blogger, community organizer, renaissance lady)

Poesia Para La Gente (POETRY FOR THE PEOPLE. poetry shenanigans in public places. community activists. bus stop & park bench prophets)

Quinny C (captivating poet & rapper. San Diego Love & you just can’t feel sad when you hear him. Go listen!)

LA River Bend (our most favorite folk band friends. Bone-shakers. Go get lost in some “Polynesian Pine”)

Clips from the Garden (intimate floral/nature photography, delicious vegan recipes, early morning ponderances, & the official caterer of PSP events)

Dusty Art  (watercolor whimsy & ink soaked world portals)

it’s the little things (crafting with a purpose. Discover quick and crafty projects that will be fun for you and meaningful to someone else. Reach out, give back, be personal and powerful)

Crystal Salas (the avian 1/2 of ATP)

More links to come!