PSP Open Mic Crawl 2014: It’s HERE!

Hello Community!

Happy April 1st, which means check your gullibility but also more importantly means Happy National Poetry Month!! These are not related.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out this weekend to PSP the Sixth. Pictures will be up soon! You were incredible. It was such a smashing success that let’s just say we’re still recovering.

As promised, the link below contains a PDF of our very first open mic crawl. A little explanation of our process: over the past month we’ve been talking to some of the best and most passionate poetry venue hosts that Los Angeles has to offer…starting with who we knew, and then meeting many amazing folks along the way. We asked them to tell us the what/when/where but also the WHY…because we’re all doing these things to contribute a space we haven’t seen yet, to add texture to the landscape of the Los Angeles poetry scene. I don’t know if you know yet, but you definitely will soon…we’ve got a tremendous community over here. It was such a pleasure getting to talk to these hosts and learn a bit about what their respective visions. We are so grateful for their help in and enthusiasm for this project. They’re excited to see you come through so let’s get out there! Let’s show these spaces some love!

This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list, but rather a lovingly curated list of places we’ve come to love first-hand and/or places recommended by the poets/hosts we know who know what’s up.

If you want to come along with the PSP crew for the crawl (yes! come!), be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates on where we’re heading next. But, feel free to pick and choose from this calendar at your own pace/leisure as well. See you soon!

PSP Open Mic Crawl 2014!




National Poetry Month//Open Mic Crawl

Hello Luminaries!

First off, thanks for checking out our new website! Welcome!

Second, in case you didn’t already know, APRIL IS NATIONAL POETRY MONTH!!!

Whether you’re a card-carrying-poet, a secret-shoebox-poem-keeper, a party-trick-haiku-producer, or even if you’ve  never met a verse you could shake hands with…this month is about the active practice of incorporating poetry into your daily life…even if it’s writing the one poem for the rest of your life you never would have written otherwise.

Traditionally, the celebration of this month-long holiday is celebrated with the Poem-A-Day challenge, which of course, we will be participating in, but this year we wanted to go a step further and organize a Poetry Open Mic Crawl. We are currently in the process of reaching out to/interviewing hosts of some of the best poetry venues Los Angeles has to offer and will very soon be posting a calendar + description guide (which has been lovingly contributed to by said reading hosts). We hope this will serve as a resource for our immediate community as well as the greater poetry community. The idea is to get out and support/explore as many of these venues as we possibly can in one month, with your PSP crew by your side. We hope to have them ready to distribute by PSP SIXWatch this space for the calendar and we hope you’ll  come  adventure with us!